Crystal Wall Sconces

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Crystal Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are versatile lighting fixtures that can be installed in virtually any room in the house. Dating back centuries, sconces evolved as people needed somewhere to place mobile torches as they traveled from room to room in medieval castles. Later, they held candles, which could be lit when the room was in use and for lighting hallways, staircases or passageways. When gaslight was developed, sconces held that, too, and finally, electric sconces became popular. For a time, wall sconces fell out of favour, but in recent years, they’ve become an integral part of most interior design plans.
Wall sconces generally direct light upward. Today’s modern sconces are available in various styles, sizes and shapes and are made of dozens of different materials. They’re still commonly used in corridors and stairways, but they’re also popular for dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and outdoor spaces for task or accent lighting.
One of the most beautiful styles of wall sconce is the crystal sconce. Like the crystal chandelier, these elegant fixtures refract light and add old world romance to any room. Often used in conjunction with crystal chandeliers or pendants, this type of sconce is symbolic of luxury and gracious living. Today’s crystal sconces can feature traditional European lead-cut crystals or more contemporary Swarovski crystals, which are available in a variety of styles and colours.
The crystal sconce fits well with formal and traditional styles of décor, as might be expected. However, due to its iconic status, a crystal wall sconce also works surprisingly well in modern or minimalist settings, adding a bit of unexpected sparkle to these environments.

Accent and Task Lighting

Crystal sconces are most often used for accent lighting. As objects of beauty in and of themselves, they add illumination to a room while also creating a point of interest. They can also direct attention to a particular area (the fireplace, for example) or can create mood lighting. Be sure to install sconces on a dimmer, so that you can control the intensity of the illumination they provide.
You can also use crystal sconces for task lighting. Placing sconces on either side of the mirror in the bathroom helps provide illumination for applying makeup or other personal tasks, for example.

Buying Crystal Wall Sconces

You can shop for crystal lighting fixtures at stores and showrooms, but you will also find a wide selection of lighting products available online. Online shopping can be done on your own time, any time of day or night. Because technical specs and prices are displayed near photos of each product, it’s easy for you to contrast and compare various lighting fixtures. When you shop at a store, salespeople or time constraints can make you feel pressured into making a decision. Online, however, you can take as much time as you need. Add possibilities to your online "cart” and revisit them after considering their pros and cons. In addition, Canadian customers can benefit from ordering from an online lighting store based in Canada, since better stores offer premium US brands without the added costs of cross border brokerage.
Select crystal wall sconce lighting fixtures and add sparkle to your life!